The Never Ending “Screening” Rollercoaster

On May 21 I had my MRI breast check which was normal except they looked at my liver and found a “likely to be nothing” hemangioma. I went for the ultrasound on July 7 to check the spot just to check; but alas they found nothing, the little bugger was hiding (good thing these are normally nothing)  It just creates all kinds of worry in my head, I’ve also had my fourth endoscopy on the 14th.  Always a bit nervous going into these, because you never know what they are going to find. Plus, the only stay that I have had was 2 nights after the birth of my daughter.  Not a big fan of the hospital thing.

This time I went into this endoscopy more relaxed  than I was for the last three, and Dr B felt that as well.  They gave me extra drugs this time so I didn’t wake up during the procedure. I didn’t thank goodness, plus the 15 hours of sleep for the rest of the day is always nice. I was sure glad I was able to take the next day off as well to get my bearings together. The only other thing that absolutely irks me is my inability to eat anything acidic/spicy/heavy for 3-5 days after; love those Arrowroot cookies, buttered bread and soup.  But it’s only a few days and it really truly isn’t that bad.  I know my aunt had issues with her endoscopy as well with the stomach healing from the biopsies.

Let’s hope I don’t hear from the doctor in the couple weeks and I can go on my merry way until I need to see the Mammogram folks in October. We are heading into year 3 of screening and my anxiety has greatly reduced.  I’ve also noticed that my activity level definitely helps keep my emotions in check and keeps those negative thoughts away.

I have been doing a lot of running lately, no so much to lose weight but to get fit.  I think that going into to surgery with more active lifestyle can only benefit me more recovery wise.  Plus, a co-worker and I are doing the Run-or-Dye 5k in a little over a month (I need to get my butt in gear).  I was on a roll for a while getting out a few times a week running or walking but the air quality in the city has sucked for the while due to multiple forest fires in BC, Northern Canada and here in Alberta. Needless to say the sinuses don’t appreciate the abuse so I won’t be enjoying the outside when I go for my next workout until that clears up and until I have more energy and can eat more again.

We all need to remember to be good to ourselves, eat healthy, exercise and stress less about yesterday and tomorrow; embrace today and reach for your goals!