It’s a Date!

Well, the big day has been set…April 13, 2015.

I received the message when I got home from work a couple weeks ago and immediately thought “this just got real!!” The only good thing about this being prophylactic is that I get the choice of when, so it can fit well with my schedule. April/May is a good time in Calgary, it’s warmer so I don’t have to worry about traveling somewhere to walk inside.  The neighborhood we live in has many walking paths that are easily accessible, with or with out an incline so I can get out and about during the day.

The last couple weeks have been very emotional for me, and I think it’s the accumulation of everything. Having to plan and make sure that all the bills are paid, some dinners are made to make Rob’s life easier during that time so he can bring Chloe to the hospital as often as possible and trying to sort out my Short Term Disability with my employer. I have recently become aware that I am OCD about planning with financials and getting things taken care of around here (this does NOT make things easier). I know that this is going to be extremely hard on Rob and Chloe while I am away and I want to make things as easy for them as I possibly can.

Well, the count down is on…10 weeks. All of the stories I have heard/read have been extremely inspiring and have really put a lot of my fears at rest as you have all done well so far. All we can do is hope for the best; keep active, healthy and strong!

I keep you all in my thoughts and hope that everyday is good to you!